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What is the difference between photo processed prints and giclee prints?
Exposing photographic paper to light and processing that exposed paper through photo chemicals creates photo processed prints. Through this process the colors of the images are embedded in the paper itself creating an archival finish. Giclee prints are made by applying dyes or inks directly to a paper surface.

From what mediums are you able to make prints?
We are able to make prints from just about anything! We can make prints from a negative or positive up to a 4x5 size. (Including but not limited to 2 ¼, 35mm, slides, 4x5, etc) We are also able to make prints from photos you may have. We will scan your prints up to 8x10. For any oversized originals, we will photograph a copy of the image and print from that digital file. We can of course print from your digital files also. We request those digital files be in JPG format.

How should I submit my digital files?
When submitting digital files, do not use any of the characters found above the number keys. These characters are referred to as "special" characters, which perform specific functions in other software applications. Characters such as commas, periods, bracket or any spaces are not permitted. These characters ~`!@#$%^&* ) =+["] '{?}/><, should not be used. Limit the file name to a minimum number of characters. Long file names become problematic when importing the jobs to our printing software. Do not use any spaces in the file name. Use an underscore if the file name requires separation. (Example: Image001_1_5x7). Multiple print sizes can be made from the single image file. Please do not submit the same image as multiple files with different crops such as an 8x10, 4x6 and 5x7. When a custom print size is required, grow the canvas of the image to a standard print size. (Example 5½x7½ image on an 8x10 canvas area).

-Store files in SRGB
-Size files to at least 250 ppi
-No extra channels or layers
-Do not use LZW compression
-JPG format (TIFF file will result in a custom print price)

Can I email you a file to print?
We do not accept emailed photo submissions but you can sign up for our E-FTP program and send the images to us that way. Please visit the software section to begin using the complimentary E-FTP program.

Why does my 4x6 photo not print full frame as an 8x10 or 11x14?
When dealing with reprints, it is important to keep in mind the proportion ratio of the format you are using to photograph. Most digital or 35mm cameras print full frame at a 4x6. At these dimensions, your enlarged full frame would be an 8x12. It is imperative to consider that you will be cropping 2 inches to make an 8x10 enlargement from that file. A 5x7 is also a slightly different ratio. When using a medium format negative a 4x5 and 8x10 will be more true to proportion. You can view these crops in Photoshop or with one of our negative cropping cards.


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